About Know Error Testing and Strand Diagnostics



Strand Diagnostics developed and markets the patented know error® system which uses bar coding, forensic principles and DNA Specimen Provenance Assay (DSPA) to confirm that surgical biopsy samples being evaluated belong exclusively to the patient being diagnosed and further confirm tissue specimens are free from admixture (or contamination) which can otherwise confound Biomarker Test results.

The DSPA test (or DNA match) uses a buccal swab-to-biopsy tissue comparison to rule out the possibility of cancer misdiagnosis due to specimen contamination errors and confirms the cancer diagnosis is ascribed to the correct patient.

Available for a diverse range of tissue types, the know error® system and DSPA testing brings diagnostic accuracy, patient and practice safety to the diagnostic testing cycle. Physicians throughout the United States and Canada in a variety of specialties, including breast surgeons, radiology, urology, GI, and oncology, have incorporated the know error® system as a standard for their patient care.

Privately owned and located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Strand Diagnostics formed in 2005 as a forensic DNA testing crime lab, still maintains its FBI-accreditation and processes crime-scene samples for a number of public police agencies throughout the United States. Since 2008, Strand Diagnostics has been accredited by the State of New York and CLIA and has processed samples from over 190,000 patients.

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