Feedback from our Users

Hundreds of practices in a variety of specialties, including urology, radiology, GI and oncology, have incorporated the know error® system as a standard for their patient care. The comments below from current users provide insight into the impact this system can have on your practice and the patients you serve.


“We are very happy to have been the first practice in our area to employ the know error® system with our breast biopsy patients. I know that it has been very successful in giving our patients and referring physicians peace of mind. The Know Error staff has been exceptionally helpful and professional at all times and we have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship.”

David Dorfman, MD | Interventional/Diagnostic Radiologist
Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology | Massapequa, NY

“With the know error® system, I’m confident that we are offering our patients the highest level of care and ensuring the accuracy of their diagnoses. The know error® system protects my patients and my practice. It has become part of our standard of care. With the growing focus on patient safety, I was the first breast surgeon, as a part of the Yale New Haven Health System (Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center), to have implemented the know error® system as part of our plan to continually improve quality of care and patient outcomes in our practice. When a patient comes in for a breast cancer consult, I always show her the Know Error report. It alleviates any doubts she may have about the accuracy of her diagnosis, allowing us to focus on moving forward with treatment options.”

Andrew Kenler, MD | Breast Surgeon
Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center | Bridgeport, CT

“The diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer is an integral part of most urologic practices. In-office, transrectal ultrasound and biopsy have become the standard of care in making a pathologic diagnosis, and nothing has the potential to devastate a patient and physician more than misdiagnosis. Although mistakes happen rarely, the technology exists to prevent unnecessary treatment in some and lack of needed therapy in others. As an early adopter of the know error® system for prostate biopsies, I am confident we are offering our patients a state-of-the-art system to ensure the accuracy of their diagnoses. I have seen firsthand the enthusiastic acceptance of DNA testing among my patients with the know error® system. The ability to alleviate any doubts regarding pathologic accuracy allows for appropriate focus on determining the best treatment plan for the patient. The know error® system has been, and continues to be, an important part of my practice in providing quality patient care on all levels.”

Jeffrey D. Small, MD | Urologist 
Adult & Pediatric Urology Center | Bridgeport, CT

“Like all physicians, my partners and I take patient safety very seriously. Because our large urology practice performs thousands of needle biopsy procedures per year, accurate specimen handling and patient identification are of particular significance to us. Among the many steps taken to control our quality of care, we’ve invested significant resources building a dedicated in-house pathology laboratory to process our own biopsy specimens. The additional layer of safety embodied by the know error® system is the logical extension of our patient safety focus. It provides one more independent set of checks and balances to protect our patients, our physicians, and our laboratory from the potentially devastating effects of undetected specimen switching errors. Guided by this independent verification of sample identity, my partners and I can recommend therapy to patients with the increased confidence that can only come from a positive DNA match between the patient and his pathology tissue. Having become accustomed to this added measure of confidence, it is difficult now to imagine initiating treatment without it. I can recommend the know error® system to all physicians and laboratories handling tissue biopsies with the same confidence that the know error® system affords me when recommending therapy to my own patients.”

Peter M. Knapp, MD | Urologist and President
Urology of Indiana | Indianapolis, IN


“With Know Error, you will NEVER treat a patient for a cancer that doesn’t belong to him/her. Know Error has been instrumental in the success of building my lab. With Know Error, I am sure my patients are safe and my processes are solid. This system keeps the correct cancer with the correct patient. It is a continual quality monitor for the processes I have built into my lab. Know Error has even helped us identify stray tissue found after embedding our cases. We all have experienced ‘stray’ tissue that has inadvertently been found during processing. Now there is a method to match it with the correct patient, if needed.”

Ann Anderson, MD | Director of Pathology
Integrated Medical Professionals | Garden City, NY

“With so many steps in the biopsy collection process out of the laboratory’s hands, the added security provided by Know Error gives the laboratory the confidence that the specimens being processed and interpreted match the correct patients.”

B. Vittal Shenoy, MD | Medical Director, Division of Pathology
Carolina Urology Partners, PLLC | Charlotte, NC


“Know Error has definitely proven to enhance patient safety/satisfaction and outcomes. Today’s patients come to Premier Medical Group Urology Division more knowledgeable than in the past. They have a greater expectation of the quality of care they would like to have provided for themselves and their families.Know Error has given us the tools to help them know their lab results are 100% accurate. The nature of having a prostate biopsy and potentially facing a diagnosis of prostate cancer is stressful enough. The ability to give these patients the knowledge of test accuracy is one way Premier Medical Group can help them through this stressful time.”

Patty Sullivan | Administrator 
Premier Medical Group | Poughkeepsie, NY

“We offer the know error® system to all of the prostate biopsy patients in our practice.  It is important to us that every First Urology patient receives world-class care and has the highest level of confidence in the quality of the services we provide. The know error® system has helped us specifically deliver on this commitment to our prostate biopsy patients by ensuring the accuracy of patient diagnoses.”

Ben Shaikun | Director of Operations
First Urology, PSC | Jeffersonville, IN

“The Know Error staff was extremely supportive and helpful in integrating this system into our workflow. It has now become a  standard of care for all prostate biopsy patients in our practice.”

Lisa Dangle | Practice Operations Administrator
Arizona Institute of Urology | Tucson, AZ